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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
Without looking at stats, I would wager the Coburn-Grossmann pairing is an offensive anchor. They're defensively the top pair, but I would wager they're least likely to see goals go in than any other pairing. After that there isn't any regular pairing that could be considered offensively explosive.

I rate the D group as "adequate." They're not horrible, but I wouldn't trust them to survive a 7 game series. Solid overall in their own end and nothing special offensively. I view them as a stopgap to hold the fort until some of the youth the org has invested in makes it to the next level, if they do.

Edit: But overall, I don't think they deserve a lot of blame for the offense being 26th in the league. As I recall from last year and the first month I watched of them this year, Edmonton's D is even less involved than Philly's...there were often times where you wondered if the forwards knew they were there, like your average EASHL drop in game. Yet offensively they're 10 spots ahead.
Whoever plays with Kimmo is seemingly the pair who let in the least goals against!

Coburn, Kimmo and Gus have been by far the best D in terms of Corsi and GAOn... no one else is really close across both categories.

Grossmanns stats are not that impressive... but his QoC explains that.

Schenn-Gus at a brief glance is seemingly the pair that creates the most offence in terms of goals while they are on surprisingly, though they now get the easier minutes compared to what Gus was getting early on, which also helps to explain it... though Gus's solid, quiet own zone play and good neutral zone movement helps.

Apart from Mez and Gill the advanced stats show they have all played ok outside of Gus, Kimmo and Coburn who have played very well. I think the eye test would back that as well... though Grossmann has played well his toughness of minutes impact on his advanced stats, hardest on the team really, but his zone starts IMO show his value this year... +6 from start to finish. Gus is the only other positive.

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