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12-17-2013, 10:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Jussi View Post
...Also as BalticWarrior sort of suggested, Putin's administration isn't exactly helping in creating a competent opposition by shutting them down so easily. There isn't a chance or atmosphere for better options to develop.
Putin came of age in the shadowy world of the old Soviet Intelligence Services as you well know Jussi, wherein he learned the crafts of subterfuge & obfuscation so no, no real opposition does exist. If you understand Russia & Russians at all, not to hard to understand why not huh?. This guys a "real" Russian... That being said, the art of deceit is honed to a far sharper edge in Western Democratic rather than in Semi-Democratic/Autocratic Systems as Russia currently operates under & both he & his regime are often vilified & cast in a bad light by western media. You really have to read between the lines & dig deep to get to the truth about anything... Anyway, at this time in Russian history, Im good with Putin, the way he operates & handles things, so ya, I too side with the Conservative Middle Classes as mentioned above. I think he's done very well for the country & will continue to do so, the KHL itself a vehicle for the purposes of economic expansion & pan Russian influence throughout Northern & Western Europe. Strikes me as being the right guy, right place, right time. But do I like "everything" he does?. Does anyone anywhere when it comes to politico's regardless their stripe or level of office? Not so much. All a matter of degrees.

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