Thread: Katie Strang: McDonagh is old school at early age
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12-17-2013, 10:02 PM
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Originally Posted by nikonsniper View Post
People want OEL to be the next Lidstrom, so he gets a lot of heat, and is one of the few standouts on a otherwise ignored team. McD is the 3rd biggest name on the rangers , so its harder for him to stand out. not to mention, everyone hates the Rangers out of NYC-envy, so he is passed over a lot.

And face it, that is a big issue. If Cal Ripken had the exact same career but wore a Yankee jersey, people would say he wasnt that good because he never won a championship, and he is only famous because he had a fluke stat.
I won't lie, McDonagh is respected on the board. However there seems to be a lot of groupthink on these boards. Seems like a lot of players get bumped or knocked down just because it's HF. Reading these boards you'd think Messier was a 4th line scrub.

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