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12-17-2013, 10:42 PM
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Originally Posted by DecadesofFutility View Post
We need better options than Hagg or Ghost.
To wait 4 years+ hoping they become top 4 offensive defenseman is folly, IMHO.
I wish I had some faith that these prospects will amount to something better than Gus is today.

I would be willing to wait 4 more years if I thought our forwards were likely to improve their output dramatically.
But, I feel they have reached their ceiling now, its time to cut our loses and focus on building a young mobile defense, first.

Seeing that the Flyers are in fact an average team of mismatched parts, the best plan is to rebuild it correctly this time.
The defense must be fixed first, then the Flyers can focus on their strengths in drafting new forwards.
Holmgren is not the GM for this task, he has failed miserably in his attempt.

We are not contending as you stated, this I agree on.
So what is lost by trading some forwards for an young established PMD or #1 defensman?
Some overrated and overpaid offensive talent that dominates the roster.
If the Flyers can acquire the right player they should be willing to add a pick and/or prospect to the deal.
You got take some risks and maybe overpay to build a top defense in today's NHL.
I did not mean to imply the Flyers should trade all their picks and prospects away.
I would just prefer to focus on fixing the old slow defense first, no matter the cost.
You say the best plan is to rebuild correctly at this time....yet you're a proponent of building incorrectly and trying for the instant fix.

So which is it? Are we trying to build correctly from within and through the draft? Are we supposed to grow and develop a core over the course of a few seasons and build a competitive team around them?

Or are we trying to blow a new hole in the team to instantly fix a different hole? Because we aren't getting an established #1 without paying a lot for it.

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