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12-17-2013, 11:05 PM
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Originally Posted by JDinklage Morgoone View Post
Yeah I just went to the main boards and managed to leave with some brain cells intact.

How come people keep bringing up him turning? I didn't see one person argue that was the problem. Dude flies in from center ice and basically tosses him into the boards
It's not like the slight turn had anything to do with it either. He had the puck on his stick and was playing it to keep it out of danger. If it were a normal hit or forecheck and Schenn doesn't make that play we're all mad at him for it. Besides that, even if he didn't turn he's still flying into the boards there it just might not be as bad. Some people are biased enough to be calling it a regular forecheck by Wilson, but when a player has the puck and is about to be forechecked that's what they're supposed to do if they have a good option to get the puck to. They get rid of it.

To me at least this is the type of thing that just proves how little respect players have for each other overall. It's not just the Capitals or anything, but the whole league really. That play had nothing to do with playing the puck really or at least not with helping his team. It was just all really about doing as much damage as he could or at least a lot of damage. Personally, I don't want players playing with the mentality of "they're the opposition so hurt them if you can and if they get injured, then that's just how it plays out".

That's my little rant.

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