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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
You say the best plan is to rebuild correctly at this time....yet you're a proponent of building incorrectly and trying for the instant fix.

So which is it? Are we trying to build correctly from within and through the draft? Are we supposed to grow and develop a core over the course of a few seasons and build a competitive team around them?

Or are we trying to blow a new hole in the team to instantly fix a different hole? Because we aren't getting an established #1 without paying a lot for it.
In my view the way to build correctly is to fix the defense first, through the draft and trades if needed.
I believe in drafting defense, but also in stockpiling defensive talent through trades as well.

In my opinion the offensive core is very average and overrated.
They lack the skills and speed necessary to be successful in winning a CUP.
I think that at this point there is no harm in blowing a hole in the offense, to fix the defense.
Especially since we seem to have skill in drafting and developing centermen.

BTW, blowing up the offense is not in instant fix, of course.
You are correct that fixing the defense will leave the offense with some holes.
We cannot fix our defensive woes without over payment, we have neglected to draft defenders until recently.
I just believe that to patch the defense and stock the offense with talent is backwards thinking.
Patching the defense with players like Coburn, Grossman and Streit is not the answer.
Holmgren tries that tactic each year to no success.

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