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Originally Posted by Buckets and Gloves View Post
What are drills or best way to improve on stick handling??

Stick handling is defiently the worst part of my game... I am a good passer, my shot is average (takes too long to get off sometime... if I don't have time/space it's never as good as I hope)... my speed lacks but it's cause I am out of shape, since I started playing back in Oct I have lost 15lbs and gotten faster so the more I work out the more that will come.
Just practice at home. Get a wooden swedish stickhandling ball. A golf ball will do but I prefer the wooden balls.

Practice stickhandling in front of you, beside and behind.

Focus on keeping your bottom hand loose and letting the top hand do all the twisting work (use a toilet roll etc).

practice pushing and pulling the puck back including with toe drags.

Just do this for 10-15 minutes a day. In a couple of weeks you will see improvements.

After a while you can start to do obstacle courses etc as well as practicing specific moves.

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