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12-18-2013, 09:10 AM
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Originally Posted by Roman Yoshi View Post
10 points out of a playoff spot (going to go ahead and let that sink in).

Season is done boys. Fire Trotz, dump poile, and shed the extra weight on this team. It's time to accept who we are: a bottom feeder this year. I want to completely gut the front office and restart. Might as well included the communications department in there for the horrifically bad videos the past two years.

"But Roman Yoshi, we'll suck and sometimes the pasture isn't greener on the other side blah blah blah"

******** I say. We suck now. I'd rather suck with a new direction, new horizons than suck with the same old garbage.

This isn't a contender, this isn't even a playoff team. This is a lottery team. So let's accept that and start making the personnel decisions that lottery teams make. If trotzky won't play the youth, ship his ass out of here. If Poile won't trade away the redundant pieces on this team, his ass can follow.

I will be going to monday's game against Boston and will be cheering FOR Boston even though they are my second team. Why? Because they play hard. Because they make the hard decisions of who to keep and who to shed. Because I like their style of play. And because I am sick of the Predator way.
I understand wanting the team to do better but to cheer against us?

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