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12-18-2013, 10:30 AM
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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
So now we are suspending guys for hitting players in a "vulnerable area" of the ice? He hit him clean in the shoulder while Schenn was turning away.

What types of hits are we trying to eliminate? I thought it was headshots and blindside hits, not any hit that looks like it was dangerous. Schen saw him coming, braced, and got hit in the shoulder. It was definitely a charging penalty, as most have said. But is charging now suspension worthy?

Again I ask, what types of hits are we trying to eliminate? More than just headshots and blindside hits? Any time a guy is in the corner? Just hits that look scary? Hits that result in injuries? What if Schenn got right up? What if Schenn hit Wilson instead of Wilson hitting Schenn?
YES, EXACTLY. Seriously, anyone who has been paying attention to Shanahan for the last few years should know that this is precisely what the league is trying to do. They do not want players making dangerous hits near the boards. Particular when the player being hit is in that dangerous zone 3-5 feet from the boards. And if the league doesn't get rid of these hits someone is going to die one of these days. Schenn is lucky not to have a broken neck from that.

If this hit happens in open ice I doubt if the subject of a suspension even comes up. But in that area of the ice, no question it comes up.

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