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Originally Posted by rhyobit View Post
On this note, y'all have mentioned off ice exercises to build up the strength in your 'off' foot, care to elaborate?

A friend of mine who's a personal trainer has told me it's to do with proprioception in that 'off' foot needing to be built up - i.e. you need to build up awareness in that foot for a combination of muscle memory and your brain actually allowing it to do what you tell it to.

He's suggested single leg squats in the off leg on a bosu, anybody else tried this?
I would start a little more basic, try standing on one leg with a slightly bent knee for 30-45 seconds each leg without your other leg or foot touching you or the floor. If that is easy, close your eyes and do the same thing. Once you can do each leg for 45 seconds with your eyes closed perfectly then I would move on to more difficult things, but try that first.


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