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Originally Posted by christianbk View Post

Again, I'm new to playing hockey altogether (though I've watched the sport my entire life). My team put me on defense, which is an... interesting choice as I'm not nearly a very good skater.

My issue is playing against people who like to jostle in the front of the net like it's the NHL. Alright, I get that you want to try to screen the goalie. It's my job to not allow you to do that. I'm a smaller guy. You don't need to crosscheck me // ram me after the play because I'm actually very nicely trying to just lift your stick and lean on you a little bit.
It seems that very few people want to play D. The good news is that you should get more ice time and your skating improves WAY faster than if you were a forward, because even beginner D men have to skate in both directions and make transitions. Beginner forwards don't have to but watch forwards in the NHL, they know how to skate backwards In fact, I would stand to wager that at the end of this season that you will be a better and more complete hockey player than another beginner who was put on a wing (given similar total training effort) .

I play D and normally watch the front of the net too. I don't expect too much after the play but during you better be able to receive at least as good as you give because some guys are just jerks and the ref isn't going to catch it. If it's too physical you probably shouldn't be there because you can't count on the refs or the other team not to be DBags.

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