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Originally Posted by go pierre hedin
Hart Trophy (MVP, 1994-95)
Lester B. Person Award (Player of the Year selected by the NHLPA, 1994-95)
First All-Star Team (1994-95)
Second All-Star Team (1995-96)
Selected to 7 NHL All-Star games.
2 Olympic Medals (Gold in 2002, Silver in 1992)
NHL/Upper Deck - All-Rookie Team (1991-92)

816 points in 675 career NHL games, 1.21 PPG avg.
Yes, Lindros was a dominant force in 1994 and was the best player in the world at that time.

However, it has been all downhill from there. He's always been a prima donna who got his way and was never able to find a way to triumph over important obstacles that he had to face through out his life (whether it be the pressures of winning a cup or Bobby Clarke or his brother's concussion, Scott Stevens, or what have you.)

With each incident, he became a little worse than before and now he's a shell of his former dominating self.

In essence, despite all the natural God given pluses in his life, he has never figured out how to win but rather regressed to become one who is afraid to win.

In the list that you provided, about the only awards that truly mean anything are the two basically same awards that he won in 94-95 for being the best player in the league. He had almost no part in winning the gold from the Salt Lake City Olympics...rather Canada won gold inspite of his presence there. Having said that, I must say that he was much more effective in the Lilihammer Olympics as a young man when he was too naive to know fear.

You also have to remember that he was also on one of the most talented World Junior team that Canada sent but ended up being probably the worst team that Canada ever sent...much like the current NYR team.

On that point, let's talk about the present. Aside from the many problems that NYR have, it is my opinion that Lindros is largely responsible for their current situation there...yes there are too many chiefs and not enough indians on that team and Slats has collected way too many head cases there (with Lindros being the biggest one...figuratively and literally!) but Lindros' attitude is contagious. This was very evident back in Philly when he was named the captain as a young man over veterans like Coffey and his dealing with these veterans spoke volumes about his character. (Same thing in Nagano but to a lesser degree there.)

I was actually thinking yesterday that Slats would have done himself a huge favour if he sent Lindros to the Caps instead of Anson Carter. It would have been a much better deal in favour of NYR to be rid of Lindros from the locker room. This is the very reason why Pat Quinn was smart enough to avoid Lindros like the plague when Lindros explicitly proclaimed that he wanted to play for the Leafs and perhaps no all you Toronto fans, don't expect Lindros to play in Toronto as long as Quinn is involved in a management/coaching position.

I think that it's way too easy to be elected into the HOF...but even as it is, my vote is a Big Fat NO! Lindros does not deserve to be in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

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