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12-18-2013, 02:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Top 6 Spaling View Post
I'm not nearly ready to cheer against this team. That will only happen if we are mathematically eliminated late in the year and it comes down to picking at #3 or #10. We're 3-1 in our last 4, there's always a chance Trotz and Poile pull this thing out of their ***** and we win a few. I highly, highly doubt it, but I'm still cheering for the boys, frustrated as I am.
Top 6, you know where I am coming from here. I am not some poser Boston fan. I've liked them for a while now.

I just can't cheer for a team I don't believe in. I don't believe in the direction Poile and Trotz are driving the bus. Once they are gone, hell yah, Preds for life. Right now though, I can't cheer for an organization that has made too many errors the past three years and continually makes draconian decisions with our young players. I am tired of being mediocre. Yeah we made the playoffs so many years. So what? What do we physically have to show for it?

I am supporting a change up, and if the only way to have that is for us to lose games, then for the greater good I am all for that. I don't think people realize here that this is the natural order of things. We've been in the playoffs so long we forgotten that sports is a cyclical thing. You will have a few years of competition followed by some pitfalls because you sacrificed everything to win now. Right now we are in a pitfall. Only way to claw ourselves out is reinvent ourselves.

Look at the Nordiques and the Avs as a perfect example. Or the Kings. Or the Blackhawks. Or the Penguins. Or even the Bruins. All had years of futility and are now contenders. Just because you stink and draft high doesn't guarantee success (Columbus, Florida). You have to have the right people at the helm of the ship. You have to have the right approach.

So in the end, I guess if cheering against the Preds makes me a bad person because I think losses now helps is in the long run, I guess I am a bad guy.

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