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01-26-2004, 02:46 AM
Burberry Manning
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Originally Posted by True Blue
Question is, just what is it going to take? The last 2 or 3 Rangers coach and GM combos were dismissed after similar losses. You know that Lil' Jimmy is seeing all of this. Just what is it going to take? I mean how much more is it going to take?
Just what ELSE does Jackass have to show to make it possible to see that he is incompetent?
Who knows? Maybe Sather just lost his mind? Maybe his mania is manifasting. Maybe he should be stopped before he hurts himself.
I think we have to give it a lil' more time. All of this "the Rangers are done" really only started on the national scale last week after our dismantling at the hands of the Bruins. That kind of woke up the hockey guys around the City ,then the Jagr trade put the national spotlight on us, then "The Disaster" against Ottawa was just the worst possible game in the worst possible time for the Rangers. EVERYONE was watching to see what the next big name in a line of failures would do, and BOOM a 9-1 typical. The tension has just built up over the week and is at an all-time high. I cant see how another couple of losses will be tolerated. Even if we smoke the Panthers, that wont get Glen off the hot seat because everyone knows that the Panthers blow. I really cant see how Sather survives past the all-star break. Dolan HAS to know that something must be done. Its reached a level where people arent just targeting Sather, but they are also starting to target him and he cant let that happen. Add to the fact that Jimmy himself PROMISED he would reduce ticket prices with another year of futility, and Dolan will be losing money as well. The situation is just too hot in MSG for nothing to come out of this. I wouldnt be suprised if Dolan has tied Sather's hands right now and wont allow him to make any more roster moves or coaching changes in preparation for the next regime, similar to the situation with Neil Smith and Muckler when Dolan wouldnt let Smith fire Muckler and tied his hands in desicion making.

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