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Originally Posted by LegionOfDoom91 View Post
It's tough to say since Baseball & Basketball aren't even remotely in the same stratosphere when it comes to physical contact like Hockey.

Football is really the only one that does & they are basically trying to find solutions like the NHL is without taking the physical element completely out.
Even with the NFL though I don't ever hear of many suspensions that have to do with on the field incidents and pretty much every game I've ever seen has been a clean game. I'm not a football fan though so I'll leave that to someone else I guess.

There is a difference with the NFL and NHL though. The NFL is completely based around players running into each other and tackling each other. It's how most plays are ended and the basis of entire offensive and defensive lines. The players are also huge and probably don't lose as much weight and mass as a hockey player does throughout the season. So you have huge guys tackling into each other at mostly knee and head levels because the game demands it to function.

With the NHL hitting isn't as vital even if it's a big part of the game. You can still pass, score goals, save shots, etc. without ever having any physical contact. There's also clean hits and dirty hits in the NHL whereas the NFL doesn't seem to have that problem. The NHL involves fist fighting as well which isn't even part of regulation play considering that they blow the whistle any time a fight starts.

My point is that the physical element present in football is pretty much completely necessary to the playing of the sport so the only way to improve player safety is better equipment I can imagine.

With the NHL there's a lot of potential improvements to be attempted and some stuff that you could argue that just aren't necessary at all and can be cut out completely.

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