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01-12-2007, 01:45 AM
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Originally Posted by nickrOck View Post
let straka or nylander center the 2nd line.. it's time to break up that one line and start spreading the offense.. it's time this team stops being a one line team and utilizes all the talent it has..

also anyone notice the play of prucha lately.. kids been playing his balls off.. he deffinitely deserves more ice.. and as for hall W*F has he done all season.? how does he maintain a roster spot night after night.? to top that off, tonite malik really just wrote himself off as a top 4 d-man on this team once and for all in my eyes.. his play is horrid..
Great points.

I agree, spread the offense out and break up the one line before we go making a trade for a center. A team should always attempt to solve it's problems internally before looking for an external solution.

As for Pruchs, all he's needed is ice time. The guy gets ice time, he feels confident, and starts scoring like wild-fire again.

I'd never thought I'd find myself wanting to hear German Disco-pop....

Originally Posted by Greg B View Post
Some guys here have mentioned thinking in terms of pairs rather than lines.

(Prucha) Straka Jagr
Shanahan Nylander (Hossa)
Ward Cullen (Hall/Orts)
Hollweg Betts (Orts/Hall)

You at least keep Jagr and Straka together (the issue being having to play Straka in the middle), try out Shanny and Nylander, a decent third pairing in Ward and Cullen, and the checking/energy of Hollweg and Betts.

Of course, none of the line shuffling addresses the defense...
As someone else in this thread said it, I forget who... we have a bunch of "revolving-door wingers." Let's use that revolving door to spread everything out and create a more balanced attack. One thing Renney was able to do last year early on was roll 4 lines. Now, he rolls three, and the top line is getting tired, real quick. Let's alleviate some pressure off of that line.

As for the defense, only a prayer could address that issue.

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