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12-19-2013, 07:32 PM
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A brief update:

I had to go in to the urgent care one county over this evening, mostly because of continuing pain in my lower back and leg while trying to sleep. I suspect it's due to issues I'm having as a result of my car.

Backing up, because I don't know if I shared this: back on the night of the 5th, I was heading into work when a deer decided to jump out of the woods in front of my car. I swerved; he took out my driver's side mirror. I got onto the iced-over shoulder and ditched my car. The repairs were going to be annoying - and I had to get a tow, because the car got lodged in the frozen, somewhat deep snow.

I had the weekend off, so I was going to get gas in the car Saturday afternoon. As I was doing so, a 19-year-old kid driving a 17-year-old Saturn turned left in front of me at one of our three stoplights in town. His lower front end ripped off the front bumper and grill of my car, and I was left with a car that was drivable - but not very legal. The headlight was bashed, the hood was bent and dented, and the front fender was pushed back - meaning the door wouldn't open.

Fortunately, because I had already started a previous claim on my deer strike, I didn't end up totaling the car. But I started having back pain that night - and ended up going in to the local hospital urgent care.

I should be getting the car back tomorrow, but I'm probably not going to have it for long; I've already put money down and signed a purchase agreement for a late-model HHR. I'm just waiting for the car to be ready so I can use it in trade.

Meanwhile, I'm dealing with my back and sleep issues, while my primary care physician is off for the holidays.

Sometimes I wonder why I'm up here in the middle of nowhere.

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