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01-26-2004, 05:33 AM
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I was going to try to hold my tongue on this game, but screw it. There is nothing to do but laugh at this officiating. Ruutu...what a turtle. Even Pete/Terry laughed at him for going into the fetal position after McKenzie punched him! It’s one thing to go down to draw a penalty, but he dropped to his knees and covered his head (he looked like he was doing a tornado drill like we did in elementary school!)!! And how does Keane essentially get off scott free after that hit on Hamhuis?

“Vancouver is definitely leading in the cheap shot category tonight”
“The officials being allowed to rewrite the rulebook here tonight”
Now without seeing where those are from, Van. fans would seem to think that it was us complaining. But NO, it’s not us. It was our very own Pete and Terry, who know more hockey than any one of Nash/Van fans here. And people wonder why we get so frustrated with the officiating. If it’s a penalty in the 1st/2nd, it should be in the 3rd. If it’s not a penalty in the 1st/2nd, it shouldn’t all of a sudden be one in the 3rd.

Nice PP, PK we got there, huh? Way to look inept boys. Tootoo had a nice goal to break the shutout. See, no one is blaming the officiating on the outcome, but our own lack of ability to kill off penalties or score on the PP. Sure, with 7-8 PP’s a team should score one or 2 goals, but when we give up 3 on the power play and then proceed to score only one PP ourselves and none even strength, there is no freaking way we will even come close to a win.

And when someone the size of Bertuzzi parks himself in front of the net, when are we going to learn that you can’t push him (or anyone else for that matter) out of the way with only one hand? Obviously we didn’t learn our lesson with Lombardi in the Calgary game. Once again, CLEAR THE CREASE!!!!!

Honestly, I didn’t think we would pull out a win here on the road, but I at least thought we would have made a game out of it. I guess when we just roll over and die out there we’re going to get dominated as bad as we did.

Well, we come home, have a party, then head back out on the road to Columbus. Hopefully we will respond there, like we did against Edmonton after that Calgary game.

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