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12-19-2013, 09:44 PM
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Originally Posted by jeff leonard View Post
The 2 points now gives him 23 points on a team with 72 goals-that means that he's responsible for contributing to about 32% of the team's offense, unless I'm doing the math wrong. Its possible cuz I haven't slept in a day, but in comparison-

Getzlaf- 38 points on a team with 108 goals- 35% of his team's offense with a shot % almost three times greater than Giroux's

Thornton- 32 points on a team with 103 goals for 31% of his team's offense, sh% again higher than Giroux's.

Phil Kessel- about 34-35% of his team's offense. This is a guy who was neck and neck with Giroux for most of the 11-12 season.

Ovechkin- about 36% of his team's offense.

Obviously Giroux isn't better than Ovechkin, but there are maybe 2 or 3 players in the entire league who can compete with OV when he's playing in a system that actually makes sense for him. So essentially, even on a year where he's snakebitten and missed preseason/had slow start, he'd likely be in the same league points-wise as getzlaf, kessel and the like on an actual team. And hey, both of those guys signed 8m+ long term contracts. I'm not going to say he's literally the least of the team's worries, because I'm fully on the Couturier train at this point, but he's going to be fine and barring some kind of Flyers curse, he's going to be great for years to come.

I don't think Voracek needs to be dumped but he's not playing very well this season. I do agree that expectations need to be lowered. That JVR kid over in Toronto has a better contract and will always be a better player, sure, but in a worst case scenario Voracek is probably a 20 goal 40-50 point guy. Unfortunately, a 40-50 point guy isn't the dude you want with your 8 million dollar centerman, so he's going to get some flak.
Don't be so sure about that. Voracek has had better stats so far in his career. He started off slow, but I'd take him over JVR any day of the week.

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