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01-12-2007, 08:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Ola View Post
I agree. Hopefullly Krog can replace Moore, don't have the same work capacity that Moore had for us in the NHL, but Krog is a little smarter and a better "sneakier" offensive player.

Not suprised at all that he is scoring a ton in the AHL.

He works really hard, he is somewhat reckless, while beeing really streaky offensivly, I think he have potential to fit in well with the mix we have on the bottom two lines.

He'll defenitly benefit from playing for a "playing" team in NY. And he is one of thoose guys that just gets hot, takes it and runs with it when his game is on. There have been a few of thoose here in NY, if you do well you get tremendous credit here, that suits some personalitys, some can't handle it at all, I am guessing Krog can be the type that it suits.

At the same time, if he can't get gooing, his stint could be short. He is small and pretty weak, he aren't that great defensivly ect.

But I am a little excited. Now we finally got 4 centers. I didn't think Immonen really cut it when he were up, not good enough for the 2nd line, too slow to help out offensivly on the bottom two lines ect. Krog could be a important kog, he is the same type as Moore was. Defenitly would like to see;


At the very least we need thoose lines to play like they did last season.

I like those lines, not to exited about Krog, but if hes any better than Orr and Hall. Its worth giving him a shoot.

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