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12-20-2013, 01:00 AM
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It is extremely unlikely that MLB baseball will ever come back to Montreal. The Expos franchise was awarded prior to the 1969 season just after the success of the 1967 Exposition. Things were a lot different in both major league sports and as well as Montreal being the major city in Canada back then, plus there was also a brand new big Olympic stadium. Things have changed and now Montreal would not even be considered. There is no park, no funds, and Montreal is not a very good business market relative to other locations.

As for NFL in Montreal, it is even further down the line of possibility. If Toronto who already has the money backing, a stadium downtown, and 11 million people living within 200 miles of the downtown core and they can't get a team, then Montreal will definitely not get one either. MLSE in Toronto is actively pursuing this but it is doubtful they will win out. The Buffalo Bills would have to go belly up locally in Buffalo and then maybe, just maybe the NFL would move the Bills to Toronto. Then again, that is also unlikely since something like 60% of the fans in the Bill's stands are Canadians from southern Ontario and already financially supporting the team.

The big three US sports (NFL, MLB, & NBA) are also big business and the markets and money determine their new locations. The Montreal metropolitan market is just too small and problematic relative to other potential locations, there is no stadium, and no local backer with lots of and hard financing for the funds. It just "ain't gonna happen".

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