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01-12-2007, 08:51 PM
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Originally Posted by JRGNYR View Post
I haven't read the whole thread so my apologies if I reiterate a point that's already been made...

Let me play devil's advocate here. Maybe the reason Immonen isn't being put on the 4th line is because he wouldn't get a lot of meaningful icetime. I can see it now... if Immonen was on the fourth line, people would be pissing and moaning about how he's in the lineup but not getting any icetime, so what's the point?

Immonen's ceiling is a 2nd or 3rd line center in the NHL if he makes it. But unless he's going to play 80 games for the Rangers, I agree with Maloney, let him stay in Hartford and get 20 minutes of ice time and continue to build chemistry with Dawes. Bringing him up and down and up and down will do more to stunt his development than playing 20 minutes in Hartford nightly, IMO.

Krog costs nothing except minimal cap space, and in the 3rd period of the Ottawa game, the Rangers may have actually found their 2nd line center in Nylander. I'd go with those 3rd period lines for the next few games, win or lose, because quite frankly, we can't expect the same old lineup the first 40 games to get it done.

With Nylander on the 2nd line, you can bump Cullen down to the 3rd where he belongs, be it center or the wing, and Krog plays on the 4th. I'm fine with all that.

If you want more meaningful icetime in the NHL for Dawes and Immonen on the same line, then I think we need to root for a total collapse and hope Cullen or Nylander gets dealt next month. Otherwise, there's really nothing Immonen is going to gain by playing 8 minutes a night up here on the 4th line.
Good points all around, JG. I'd agree with you if not for the fact that I truly believe that Immo has gotten a raw deal here in NY. From the quotes I've been reading and the actions that I've seen, it seems like the Rangers are near giving up on Immo, for some strange reason.

Though at the same time your logic is solid, with the center situation being Straka-Nylander-Cullen-Krog with Immo actually playing real minutes in Hartford. **** it, I'm beginning to hope for a trade for Immo's sake, as I think he'll flourish if sent elsewhere.

Again, good points, you may have swayed me on this Krog signing.


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