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I was on the ice during opponents power play. I was infront of my own net besides the opponents forward. Their d-man shot a slap shot from the blue line. The shot caught him straight in the mouth. I don't know how many tooth he lost, but there was blood all over the ice. Poor guy didn't use mouthguard..

Once my team mate got checked to the head. The hit broke his visor and the broken visor got stuck in his cheek/under his eye. Thankfully all he needed was stiches. It didn't damage his vision at all.

Other time a team mate of mine got tripped near the boards. He straightened his arms trying to slow the impact, but the guy who tripped him tackled him from behind. He dislocated one wrist and broke both of them.

EDIT: Forgot this was about facial injuries, pretty gruesome still.

Only one bad incident has happened to me. A guy tried to lift my stick but missed. His blade hit me first in my lip and then in the corner of my eye (lucky there). The hit splitted my lip, the cut went complitely through my lip and was about 0,5 inches long. I got 5 stiches on the lip and 2 on the corner of my eye. I was suprised how little the whole incident actually hurt, I guess I was in a shock.

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