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12-20-2013, 12:08 PM
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I'm not one to get very excited about prospects from the get go, but I'd much rather see them be given a chance versus the yearly imported players the Rangers bring in.

I agree Sather is a poor GM in terms of building a cup contending team, I'm simply saying, in my opinion the only way out of the cycle of mediocrity is for the Rangers to rebuild.

I like Callahan, Girardi, maybe even my two favorite players on the whole team, but if the GM/Owner were competent and on board with a rebuild, they have to go. They can get too much back for them at the deadline than those players can offer going forward with what they are likely to cost under the cap.

I am a defeatist in many ways though, I know a real rebuild will never happen, so I understand the idea of might as well sign what they know rather than bring in what they don't.

Hypothetically though, this is a great year to sell, one we probably will not see the likes of for many years to come.

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