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12-20-2013, 12:25 PM
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Originally Posted by CM4 View Post
Please avoid going to Hollick Kenyon on the north side!

The vet there put a cast completely wrong on our 14 week old lab cross. it sadly ended in amputation because the vet wrapped it so tight the it caused soars and her paw to swell 5 times the size after opening the cast only 5 days later. After trying to treat the soars and swelling, they opened to big to save and caused the paw to die, to the point where her toes fell off from no circulation. The vet took zero responsibility and claimed that her soars were normal complications.

Take your pets to Guardian or Hermitage. Don't want to see another animal go though this.
Guardian is expensive if you dont have pet ins. 1000$ a night if your pet needs to stay over after me i know. Although they do very good work and take good care of your pet. There is always a vet and an assistant there 24/7 to look after the animals. If on the southside go to Calgary trail pet hospital and see Kathy, she specializes in larger dogs

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