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Originally Posted by NGgator60 View Post
Excuse my manners, as I'm still a quite tired from my company party last night and do not have the time nor the energy to reignite the entire debate, so I will have to refer you to my prior posts detailing the concept of fighting and its place in hockey.

To directly respond to your post, I agree that the reasons you cite (not very eloquent but the points remain) are largely foolish. Yes, PJ is an "analyst" but of course he has his biases. Yes, I question the intestinal fortitude of players that are emasculated in front of 18,200 people but to each their own. And yes, the 2011 squad did throw fists but they also excelled in many other facets of the game which had just as, if not more of, an impact on their performance.

For me, and I'd wager the 98% of NHL players that voted in favor of fighting would agree, toughness is a means towards developing an identity or "culture" within a team to help define their approach to success throughout each campaign (season). Toughness, and note that I do not necessary equate fighting to the more encompassing notion of toughness, is critical to building the moral fibre of the greater team if you will.

Sure, we can discuss the effects of fighting on cheapshots and the concept of players "policing themselves," which I do find to hold merit to some extent, and I'd agree with you that there is a middle ground somewhere between the extreme absolutes of "fighting eliminates cheapshots" and "fighting never eliminates cheapshots." At the end of the day cheapshots are tertiary to my main thesis of what fighting and on a deeper level, toughness, brings to a hockey club.

The 98% of players voted that fighting should remain in hockey. They did not vote that fighting deters cheapshots and injuries. They did not vote that fighting leads to scoring more goals, or preventing fewer goals. This is not a debate over whether fighting should be banned or not. This is a debate about whether fighting helps deter cheapshots and makes a team better.

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