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Regarding acquiring Jason Krog to NYR
Not a really a bad move imo.But as I see it now – the following 7 players are fighting for 2-3 playing slots + 1 reserve (on the bottom 2 lines):

Hall – Ward – Orr – Immonen - Hossa – Krog – Ibister

Time to wheel and deal imo if you want to attempt to make a good run this year. And who – honestly – does not want a good result this year as the most essential and important thing as a sports fan??

Keep 3 of these guys and trade 3 (or 4) + a high draft pick and some minor league stuff for 2 new players that can contribute

Get – Veteran center (Conroy/Nagy/Forsberg/Sundin) for nr 1 or 2 pick and J Immonen + a minor league player
My ranking of these center options is:
Forsberg. The best of the lot. To be seen as a rental. The Flyers might take this deal if the numbers are right. Forsbergs injuries are of course really worrying, but imo they are worth taking a chance on. He needs to find the right skate and the right team. The yaer in Philly has been a nightmare for the organisation and him.Time to move on. What an explosive offensive combo of 1st 2 lines The Rangers would have!
Conroy. A good and more affordable choice. The Kings will be looking to acquire youth for him. Definitely a plausible possible imo
Nagy. Would have been more realistic 2 weeks ago when the Yotes were struggling and his game was a bit off – but still a viable option.
Sundin. A great player looking for a chance at getting a Cup ring. Doubtful if the Leafs will move him unless offered a real lot of future stuff. Can be seen as a “run for the cup” rental only. May retire after this season.

M Nilsson + D McCarthy in Calgary for Hall, Ward, lower draftpick + ev Orr
This is an interesting trade. Nilsson has been injured a while – but due for a comeback. A doasble 2-way 3rd liner imo. Even Steven for Hall ? Getting McCarthy for Orr and Ward might be unrealistic...

How does this lineup look?:

Nylander – Straka – Jagr
Shanny – Forsberg - Prucha
Hossa – Cullen – M Nilsson
Hollweg – Betts – Ortmeyer

Reserves then adding some depth are then – McCarthy, Krog, Ibister, Callahan, Dawes, (Orr), Korkiposki
I would not sign Allison

But The Rangers Real Problem – as everyone knows and admits – is the quality & consistency on defensive line.
Get – E Brewer + ev defensive minor league defenseman – St Louis for Malik + Montoya/draft pick
The Blues would get a top 6 defensemen with statistically good +/- rating (we all really know the truth though) and a talent for a UFA they seem unwilling to sign. I think New York would be exactly the right place for Eric Brewer.

Get - A Lilja – Detroit for Kaspar + future considerations or add C Orr
I think Detroit actually might do this deal if a salary incentive was offered regarding Kaspar.

These deals are – if I count correctly and done say after 50 games – adding about (Forsberg 2 M USD +, Brewer +/- 0, M Nilsson/McCarthy +500, Lilja -500 if some of Kaspars salary is absorbed) adding about 2 million to the limit in cap space which is now about this if I am not incorrect

Brewer - Rachunek
Ward - Tyutin
Lilja – Rozsival

Reserves are then: Pock, Baranka, Ozolonish (which you just cannot dump to anyone due to his play & numbers, payroll, health, age and personal reasons)
I would not sign B Leach

You would sacrifice some unpolished and talented youth – Yes, namely being:

A nr 1 draft pick (which would probably be botched anyway)
Immonen (with whom the organisation believes to be too slow and has lost faith in)
A draft pick or Montoya (face it – Henrik L will be the Rangers franchise goaltender for 10 years to come and The Rangers need a “savior” on the blue line NOW)

But most of the real future talent (ie Lundquist, Prucha, Staal, Dubinsky, Anisimov, Dawes, Sanguuinetti, Moore, Sauer, Baranka, Callahan, Jessiman?, Korkiposki...) is still left in the organization. I would also try to draft goalkeeper Jhonas Enroth this year too! A real talent. And with the above team – there is really no way of knowing how far they would go this year come playoffs – which they would DEFINITELY make. Swept in 4 would not even be an option if the chemistry is allowed to develop.
The problem would be who to sign & keep and who to drop – in June maybe???

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