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Originally Posted by disneybuff View Post
anybody know when or how we can register for courses where "Most spaces reserved for students whose programs require the course, or for students in the Faculty offering the course" if we're not in that program (at concordia)?
I'm pretty sure you need to go to that faculty.

For example, I had to take a business course that was 'open' to me but only under the circumstances that business students didn't already fill it up. As an engineering student I had to go to JMSB and submit a request.

In addition, I know engineering has ENCS advisors who are there start of the semesters in the EV. What happens is if you're say a mechanical engineering student who wants to join industrial(similar programs) you might be able to ask them to put you in a class as it's necessary for your new program's sequence. It's unlikely though but there is a chance.

For other faculties? not sure. I never had to deal with them but ask advisors.

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