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Originally Posted by Coachtdoig View Post
Same concept, until you can stick handle and make plays without looking down at the puck you should follow the puck onto your blade. With repetition it will become natural not to look down when giving and receiving passes.

I personally think it's terrible advice to keep your "eye" on the puck especially when stick handling. Keep your head up, if you miss the puck, then you miss it. Even NHL players miss passes (hence icing calls) and "deflections". When receiving passes, yes track the puck but don't stare at it once you receive it. Look up and check your surroundings. Unlike soccer, hockey is faster and there's more dangerous body contact

There's not too many goals that get a "perfect" deflection. They usually hit players/shin guards/legs before going in.

I agree with some people that you can practice your hand eye with those aids and playing around with those training balls.

I would say during the game, focus on positioning than deflecting pucks. Get in better position to receive that pass or in front of the net so you can take a rebound/screen the goal/deflect a puck.

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