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12-20-2013, 11:17 PM
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I have had around 8 practices with my RBZ 40s, and I am thinking I have to upgrade. I think they could be prohibiting my skating ability (could just be psycological). What do you guys suggest ? Hopefully I make alot of money during christmas, and will be able to purchase a new pair. My limit will probably be $200, I am going to use that $200 to buy the skates instead of a new stick, even though my stick isn't long enough for me and it's a little too whippy. What do you guys suggest for skates? I am looking for a skate that will mold to my feet very well after baking, and is stiff and has good support. I want a light skate, etc.

Hopefully this will help my skating ability, as I heard from numerous people that purcasing new skates can change your ability overnight. If you guys don't think it will make a big difference, please let me know as I can use the money somewhere else (like a stick).

I am not sure if I am considered a beginner, I played 7 years before a 5 year layoff. I am 16 now, so the last time I played before this year was 11. I saw someone post in the thread that beginners shouldn't buy top end skates, I don't know if I am considered a beginner or what is considered a top end skate.

I have found 5 skates that I am interested in.

Bauer Vapor X5.0
Bauer Vapor x60
Bauer Nexus 400
Bauer Nexus 600

What do you guys think are the best for me and do you have any other suggestions?

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