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Originally Posted by NYRKindms View Post
I see a lot of words like Elite Goal Scorer or Game changer being thrown around in this thread. I had to go back and make sure we were discussing the same Rick Nash who plays for the NYR

He has been an utter flop here. I see no elite game changing skills at all. If anything he is a floater. A 6 foot + 200 pound + floater. There is no edge to his game.

The answer is NO I do not make that trade. He was a complete no show in the playoffs, he disappears for long stretches and that stupid pivot move to go to the center of the ice that he ALWAYS tries hardly ever works. How hard is to make that move and dish the puck ? Yet he never seems to even be thinking about the players moving around him. Add to that he now has a concussion history and is playing scared.
From someone who watched Nash a lot in Columbus this sums up what I and many others came to believe.

To answer the poll question- from the Rangers perspective, No, from the Jackets Yes.

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