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Originally Posted by Bleed Ranger Blue View Post
It says they stink at playing hockey. It has little to do with toughness - at least the definition for toughness you're using
My definition of toughness encompasses more than just pugilism on ice. I would say a better way for me to communicate would be to refer to it as "The Will to Win Ratio".

Meaning, does this team collectively have it in them to do more than the guys on the side for the sake of the win? If so, just how far are they willing to go?

If it isn't up to par on a collective level, then I'd look at individual components, ones that need to go for the sake of raising that "Will to Win Ratio".

In my mind, a team with high "Will to Win Ratio" will out-compete their opponents, win or lose. If there is talent on those teams, and the top guys all have this made up intangible "Will to Win Ratio" I'm referring to, well I think you'd see a cup with those organizations, and those players getting paid like franchise players.

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