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Originally Posted by Appleyard View Post
Everyone on the top right side of every single one of those charts is blue usually so long as they are on a decent team.

If you are not you may as well be in a coffin... as you are useless.

Red or Blue indicates positive or negative corsi.

But Read at just under 0 (-0.92) with the 2nd hardest minutes on the team is better than Hartnell with the 2nd or 3rd easiest minutes among all forwards. (Jake and Simmonds are arguably easier.)

The same goes for Grossmann, insanely hard minutes for a D man with the 2nd hardest QoC but >45% zine starts.... it would frankly be amazing if Grossmann was positive.

Also Hall with 25% zone starts mean that + is a virtual impossibility.

Which is why Couturier is so impressive being positive with his minutes.
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