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Originally Posted by Ethan Edwards View Post
San Diego State Aztecs. SJSU are the Spartans. Last I checked UB was favored by 4. All I know about San Diego St. is their defense is pretty porous. Hopefully UB is wearing their road whites. We may not be able to see the players on that field if it's the home blues.
- not sure why I typed San Jose there, thanks for the correction, I went back and edited my post. Yes, San Diego State are the Aztecs and they are playing Buffalo Bulls this afternoon. San Jose State are the Spartans. I'm pretty good at matching up schools with nicknames, just not with ones from "San" I guess. LOL!

San Diego State is the hometeam and they will be wearing their Black jerseys with black pants. Buffalo is the away team and they will be wearing their white jerseys with blue pants. So no all-blue for Buffalo today (blue helmets, blue jerseys, blue pants) on the blue turf.

Go Buffalo Bulls! - next year!

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