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Originally Posted by Garbage Goal View Post
Lecavalier in again? That's weird.

Best way I can phrase it is that Schenn doesn't really seem to excel in any way that impresses. He never seem too bad but he never seems too great or a game changer by any means. I like having him and don't want to trade him for now, but considering the hype he used to have, the title of "best player not in the NHL" or whatever it was, and who we traded for him people want more. At the moment he seems like a 60 to 70 point player even at the absolute best and that's not what people want nor expected back then.

EDIT: A guy like Couturier stands out. A guy like Giroux stands out. Even a guy like Read stands out in his own way. Schenn just...yeah. I'll leave it at that.
I'm sorry you expect a star player but being a 60pt guy makes him a top line player. Being in the 70 pt range which I think he's got a chance at hitting some point in the future would put him in the top 25ish of scoring most seasons. That is by no means a bad player to have. I just don't think it's logical to be disappointed cause someone once labeled him incorrectly as the best player not in the NHL.

I think by the times he's 25 he'll be equally if not more valuable to a team then Read is/has been. Note I picked 25 cause he should be hitting his prime around then.

Really great to hear Vinny is back. Thanks Santa!!!

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