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01-26-2004, 04:05 PM
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Originally Posted by *midnitehockey
Gratton and Duncanson? Lol I guess they didn't actually get in the lineup at the same time, anyway...

Seriously there's a lot to be proud of with this team... the adversity they've faced, and instead of falling apart, they've really risen to the occasion more than one could have expected.

Someone told me this evening Darren Pang was comparing the Rangers with the Kings this evening... praising Andy Murray - that instead of making excuses (while others make excuses when one player is out) - he has done a really incredible job with the team.

This was just told to me... if someone knows exactly what he said, I'd be interested to know...
that sounds very likely. the few minutes of nhl tonight that i saw last night was basically them talking about how the rangers just got destroyed by ottawa because they have no system, and how jagr wasn't going to help them unless they could play as a team. the kings would make an excellent point of comparison to that, as a team that relies heavily on a system and on team play and hard work. actually i had been watching because i was hoping to hear exactly that, but i didn't have time to sit down and watch the whole program properly.

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