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Originally Posted by bsl View Post
I had to dress properly to go to a game at the Forum, or fly in a plane, with my mother, until 1980. After that. I don't know.

You know what Young Habs fans should do? We should start a style revival at the Bell, and dress beautifully, from the Reds to the whites, for one game a year. That would be so cool. No jerseys, no slobs.

Montreal has style, we should show it.

Forum Night.

Molson is my age exactly, he would love it. He knows what the Forum looked like in 1978.

Would freak the players out as well.

I think we could go viral on this.
Y'know, this is actually a cool idea. "Forum Night", for an original-six matchup, complete with both teams in vintage jerseys and the fans encouraged to wear old-style evening dress. All music through the PA to be jazz-based or early rock'n roll.

Now if we could get prices rolled back on concessions...

Seriously, I love the concept for the retro feel, but I wonder what possible upside there is from a marketing point of view. Maybe a tie-in with booklets & merch on the Old Forum. Is there enough left in the Habs' heavily-mined history to make it worthwhile? Not sure. Maybe wait until 2015 for the 20th anniversary of the Old Forum closing.

EDIT: How about filming "Forum Night" as part of a documentary on the Old Forum? It would have to be on the 25th anniversary, 2020, and would be a terrific tribute. Or expand it to a documentary on all the other legendary arenas. The angle would be how fans themselves have changed, how being a fan of hockey (and sports in general) has evolved from a night at the opera to today, where it's a loud, free-for-all, rock-concert experience, where the game is choreographed against blasting dance tunes. Then flash to Forum Night and show the time-bending visual of the entire crowd in their retro Old-Forum attire, celebrating a perception of the sport that no longer exists.

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