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Originally Posted by eco's bones View Post
Anyway AV did not seem to want to play McIlrath very much while he was up. He'd rather have Falk or Del Zotto (who supposedly he hates). FWIW Dylan just happened to be in the one game we won on the home stand and in that game won the Broadway hat only to be scratched the next game and sent back to the AHL the following day when the Rangers cemented their holiday lineup. It's a good thing everyone can enjoy their Xmas without worrying about getting traded--three or four more games where all the 6 remaining D no matter how well they play are guaranteed a spot in the next game's lineup. Just ****ing perfect. AV--'We're going to continue to play Hank until he finds his game no matter how many we lose and we're going to continue to play the same 5 ****ups and McDonagh on D no matter how many we lose'.

The opening post here might be a bit over the top blaming them for McIlrath's injury but in general his premise that Slats and AV need to get **** canned is right on the money.
is thqat bad? So what? We have a single non PO season? Good. The team needs to remember what losing is like, it'll reveal who needs to go and it'll hopefully motivate the rest to want to avoid this. But let's face it we've got quite a few guys at the top of the lineup who are complacent with losing. Point is sometimes a team has a losing season and many times that losing season can help turn a teams future around.

It has been WIDELY acknowledged that the rangers as an organization keep trying to put tape over massive holes rather than fixing them. We have done this for well over a decade and it has gotten us nothing. Yet you are advocating they keep doing this. For them to keep doing it... It's the definition of insanity

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