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Originally Posted by Zil View Post
Choo doesn't really have question marks. He's just not a well rounded player. He offers an extremely high amount of OBP and a decent amount of pop. He's always had pronounced splits (although his OBP against lefties was still .347, which is well above average) and his mediocre defense makes him best suited for a corner. Plus, he steals about 20 bases a year. I wouldn't have given him $130 million for his age 32 through 37 seasons, but Texas is going for it and their lineup does look pretty daunting now. It's hard to blame them, considering their sub-par offense probably cost them a playoff spot last season.

As for Ellsbury, the only question is if he will he have another freak injury. His disabled list history shouldn't really scare you, unless you expect him to collide with Adrian Beltre at full speed or have Reid Brignac land on his shoulder again. He's a very productive player when healthy, if not a superstar. The contract is questionable, but new research is finding that speed guys actually tend to age better than lumbering sluggers so you may not hate it as much as you think you will.
we will see with Choo, I just think the more lefties start to realize they can attack him the OBP vs them will go down if he still cant hit them, and he RAKES vs RHP. What if that drops? Anyway I'm ok with it, it would be dumb to sign 2 outfielders to 7 yr deals, and corner OF are easy to find, sign, or acquire

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