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12-22-2013, 10:46 AM
Player Usage
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Originally Posted by TheRightWay View Post
There's still a logical disconnect. This isn't a difference of opinion thing. You're literally comparing apples and oranges.

NYR fans were happy to get assets for a player who is constantly injured.

Dagoon is mad at Sather an AV because McIlrath got injured.

One thing was a decision made by Sather. The other thing Sather has no control over. Your point would have merit if Dagoon was simply mad at McIlrath being in the NHL. However, his post implies that McIlrath getting injured is something that Sather & AV had some sort of control over.
I point back to games played by Gaborik. 47 last year. 102 the year before that. 62, 76. Those were his games played with the Rangers. Good on him for battling through injuries and continuing to play.

Posters are happy that Sather got assets for a guy who got injured playing in a different state, a different team, a different zip code, a different arena because they assume these injuries would have also happened here. The numbers prove they didn't, outside of one season.

These same posters are unhappy that someone is mad at Sather for sending a kid to the AHL where he was ultimately injured.

Perhaps I'm explaining my logic wrong, but to me, these are comparable.

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