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12-22-2013, 12:50 PM
...better... or not
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There are obviously two camps now... those that want to trade the 1st away for "help" of some sort... and those that want to keep the pick and draft another (hopefully) elite prospect for the prospect pool.

I'm in the "keep the pick and draft BPA" camp because I think the Oilers problems are bigger than what can be fixed by trading that pick away for "help".

I understand people are saying the player (or package) that trading that pick brings back won't solve the teams issues and make them instant playoff contenders... but they might improve the team "somewhat"... at least a step in the right direction.

Personally though I look at it as this management group is trading that pick away and they are the same ones that have the team in this hole... should the breakers try to be the fixers as well... do you trust them not to just break it some more?

Sure yet another high 1st round pick won't help this team immediately BUT that's the only way to acquire elite talent. Where would this team be without their high 1st rounders these past few years? Maybe no worse in the standings BUT they would also have basically ZERO valuable assets now either and the outlook now would look even more bleak.

I know it looks like adding Hall, RNH and Yak (and Nurse in the pipeline) hasn't helped as this team is still scraping along in the NHL cellar... but kids can't do it all and management HAS to fill in the voids on a roster that is made up of 23 players. A few high draft picks are the core you build around... and that's where management has to actually do the work and fill those spots.

Trading away those elite pieces (and I include yet another likely top 2/3 pick in that group) is NOT helping as you won't get an elite player back.

The job of MacT and management is to surround the elite prospects and young core players they have with players who WILL help this team be more competitive.

Make MacT do his job (or get another manager that CAN) by making moves in free agency and in trading non-elite pieces.

It's a cop-out trading the best assets away just to make this team look slightly better in the near term... in the end that's a sure way to insure the team is a perennial also-ran... yes they may look better than the basement team they are now (maybe), but it pretty much also insures that they have no shot at becoming true perennial contenders either with fewer elite pieces on the roster.

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