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Originally Posted by Mike Martin View Post
I can't figure out why Norway doesn't have much of a hockey tradition, there are so few Norwegians in the NHL compared to Swedes and Finns. Why does hockey talent fail to develop in Norway?
Norway have traditionally been an outdoor nation, and known for having people who are known for their adventures. Also known for being a skiing nation and because of how the scenery looks like, a lot of people started with skiing and skating back in the day for work-related issues, and then it went over to sports.

Another thing is always when hockey is getting media attention, there is always the "bad" stuff, like fights, suspensions and so on.

Many Norwegians just can't see the advantages in hockey, more than the negatives. Therefore, the only thing they see is how much it will cost to build all those hockey arenas.

What Norway should do is to do four things:

1. Set aside money for building infrastructure
2. Create more sports-colleges who co-operative with clubs.
3. Make those sports-colleges more privatized so that people who actually know the stuff gets to do what they know better than some desk-job politician/hopeless teacher unqualified for the job.
4. Use the money and build all the arenas, and focus on the positive sides of hockey.

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