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12-22-2013, 05:21 PM
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As I occasionally am wont to do - and to try to get over this funk that I am in (non-Predators related) - I decided to use my Preds Overall Excel spreadsheet to some figuring.

I'd always wondered if there had been a time in Preds history where we'd dominated another team. (Hint: we haven't.) Even so, there had to be, at some point, where we were so totally dominant that we "outworked" an opposing team throughout a game.

Since I don't have a "worked/outworked" column in my spreadsheets, I decided to do a little point system. Breaking down each game by periods, I assigned a +1 value every time the Preds had more goals or shots in a period than their opponent, and a -1 value every time their opponent had more goals or shots in a period. (Ties got zeroes, of course.)

Then, for the entire game, I did the same for advantages and power-play goals (+1 for more, 0 for same, -1 for fewer). To top it off, I awarded a point when the Preds scored one or more short-handed goals, and subtracted a point when the Preds allowed one or more short-handed goals.

I didn't do anything for empty-netters or anything like that; I could have done a +/- for shutouts, but decided that would be repetitive.

Theoretically, in a regulation game, a team could get a total of 9 points, plus or minus.

The highest total that Nashville had ever achieved in a game is +8, done three times: 6 April 2006 at Saint Louis (3-0 win); 21 November 2009 vs. Columbus (4-3 shootout win); and 18 March 2010 vs. Minnesota (5-0 win).

The three worst totals were -8, done three times: 11 January 1999 at Philadelphia (8-0 loss, arguably the worst loss in franchise history); 18 February 2009 at Detroit (6-2 loss at the Joe); and 28 October 2010 vs. Saint Louis (3-0 loss - but the Preds were outshot in every period, and the Blues went 1-5 on the power play, while Nashville went oh-for-3; one of the Blues' goals was a shortie).

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