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Originally Posted by Ailurophile View Post
At this stage in our evolution it is not only impractical, but impossible to envision a society where violence is not part of our culture. It has been since the dawn of man. I'm not saying violence is 100% with all authority a bad thing, because truthfully I don't know, and I don't have all of the answers. With that being said, given the nature of violence and what it does to people, I'm going to have to say in the grand scheme it is probably something that is not good for us as a species, at the very least in terms of our evolution. That is of course, my opinion, but from my perspective violence has gotten us nowhere, then and now.

Nor do I, and never will be, but that doesn't mean I am not willing to point out to someone (especially those you care about) when they are doing things at the expense of their well-being. Not to mention look at the big picture and say, "Hey, I know we're all doing this because we like it, and it feels good now, but maybe we should examine whether or not it is really good for us in the long run."

Yes, and no. Not all vices are bad taken in stride. I drink, have done drugs, have sex, and eat garbage food, but given what we know about the world and ourselves, are these always the best choices for us? I can tell you with certainty I have done things in my life that were not in my best interest. We all do at some point. Appetites are not everything in life, and again that is just my opinion.

Concerning all points, I digress however because we are getting off-topic a bit.
Good post. I think we agree on a lot of the concepts and philosophy, but yes...starting to get off topic.

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