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01-14-2007, 08:16 AM
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Originally Posted by eco's bones View Post
Well TB I'm not saying that Sather isn't going to do something idiotic before too long but this lacks credence to me just because if it were true I don't see JD turning this one down--I see him jumping all over it--or maybe he just didn't want Hall?
I agree. It DOES seem incredulous that JD would turn it down. However, this IS the type of trade that the organization (no matter who the GM) is has made over it's long checkered past.
Whatever the case I think that part of the story can be filed under Larry Brooks BS.
It's funny. When Brooks writes something that people agree with, it is pointed out that he is right. When he writes about something that people disagree with, it becomes "typical" Brooks BS. Guess it depends which way the wind blows.
As for Prucha though there have been numerous indications throughout the season that his days here are numbered--which is too bad but Renney has not put Petr in a position where he can succeed--Petr has more or less been playing musical chairs with Hall and Hossa both of whom have shown much less but a goal from Hossa in one game and an assist in the next and they begin dreaming all over again that Marcel is about to start playing up to his talent level. I have my doubts.
On that, I agree with you 100%. It is simply mind-boggling to me at the difference in the length of rope that is given to Prucha, as opposed to some of the others. It should be pointed out that preceeding the Bruins game, Prucha has scored 3 goals in 6 games. Renney's insistence that Cullen is a 2nd liner and that Prucha is not is incredulous. Here is a kid who has been the best Rangers forward prospect since someone named Amonte, and he gets the shaft at every opportunity that Renney can afford. Renney's judgement is underwhelming, at best.

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