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12-23-2013, 01:24 AM
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I was the first person here (or anywhere) who gave Talbot any chance of playing in the NHL when everyone viewed him as an old non-prospect who'll be lucky to have an AHL career. That said, Talbot can't start over Lundqvist.

It's just different being a backup. First, since you aren't playing every game, you can go into each of your starts with the intensity of Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Second, the team realizes that the backup is behind them, so they are more conscious of what they are doing and play harder.

It's kind of what happened with Miss/Talbot in Hartford. The team would suck in front of Talbot, but when Miss was in the net, things would actually look better. But as soon as Miss became the full time starter, the team just collapsed and Dov needed to be acquired because Miss can't handle starting duties.

Same here. Talbot might - MIGHT - become a starter some day, but the idea of making one right now is wrong-headed. He won't be playing as well and neither will the team if he's the official starter.

Plus, no need to mess with Hank and create a goalie controversy.

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