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12-23-2013, 07:33 AM
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Originally Posted by eco's bones View Post
You might have been the first person but I don't think you were the only one who thought Talbot might be a player. The last few years I regularly would start bringing him up as a candidate from around 10-15 in our prospect polls. Most others would be looking for more scoring and had hopes in other players. Over his last two AHL seasons Talbot became more and more important to the good fortune of the Whale and was pretty much their best player.

In any case for whatever reason Lundqvist has not played well this year. He signed a huge contract and despite start after start his play has not improved. We continued to lose and his goaltending very much factored into many of those losses. Talbot played solidly again last night. He deserves to play more--quite a bit more--maybe even carry the load for a while. That doesn't mean get rid of Lundqvist--it means he has to prove he's worthy of the contract he signed when he plays--something he hasn't been doing. I expect he will sooner or later get back to form but until then Talbot has proven to be a very capable goaltender and I'd go with him a lot more. I'll also say I found AV's remarks that he would keep giving Henrik starts until he got back into form kind of disappointing and this kind of stubbornness on his part IMO dug us deeper into a hole.
There is no comparison between Talbot and Lundqvist right now or ever. That said, I say nothing about Talbot because one has really nothing to do with the outcome of the other, except that he's been the best backup we could've asked for.

I truly don't think Lundqvist is any different at all. Looking at his positioning and that of everyone on the ice during the goals he lets in, and gauging the saves he makes while also considering his team's positioning, he's the same best in the world and being extra hung to dry too many times.

Just as the Giants and Yankees on any given night, this team can beat anyone. However, this year worse than others, they just look like a bunch of hungover millionaires not taking the extra stride…and some people want to pick on the goaltender???

Blame Eli for the balls bouncing off receivers hands and often into the defenders this year? Many did.

Come on folks.

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