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01-26-2004, 07:57 PM
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Originally Posted by reg dunlop
what is it with this team? every year they continually throw money at any free agent or acquire "skilled" players all the time... the team has no chemistry, they are all individuals... i know it pains Ranger fans to hear this, but look at a team like Jersey. everything is about the team, nobody is bigger than the team... you think Sather would know this from his days in edmonton, sure they had more talent than anybody, but he would always acquire character players.. the rangers pay 9 million for Holik, when no other team would pay more than about 6?? they acquire "me" players such as Lindros and Bure, and wonder why they dont come together as a team... and it is not like they have great prospects coming up... how does sather keep his job, he has a roster of untradeable players because they are so overpaid... this teams philosphy has to change or they wont make the playoffs for another 6 years...

Okay, while your sentiment is on target, could you be somewhat accurate with your information? Toronto offered Holik $8 million per for five years, and the Devils offered Holik $8.5 million for five years, but Holik took the $9 million per offered by the Rangers. Holik was going to get his money last year whether or not the Rangers were involved.

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