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12-23-2013, 10:17 AM
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Originally Posted by The Nuge View Post
Couldn't agree with you more Bryan. You take Ekblad and then try and sign enough people that he's not relied upon. With how much the cap is going up, its all about picking the right UFAs, and ensuring you offer enough to get them. We're going to have an insane amount of capspace. Time to make use of it
It's the same song every year. Lets hold on to the 1st rounder because of the fear of "losing" a trade, draft an elite prospect who will likely be years away from making an impact, and sign a big free agent. No problem, right?
The fact of the matter is that no impact free agents will sign here especially the more it becomes obvious that the team is going nowhere (J. Schultz was an extreme example) so what do the Oilers have of value that is expendable besides the 1st rounder? How else can they improve the team without dealing the 1st rounder?

Here's the thing.... Lets assume that RNH, Hall and Nurse are untouchable. That pretty much leaves Eberle and Yakupov as the only truly valuable trade assets.
I don't think Eberle carries as much value as he once did because he used to be a one dimensional offensive player who was fairly cheap whereas now, he's a 6 million dollar signed long term one dimensional offensive player.

I know that i'm probably in the minority in thinking that Yakupov doesn't have much value at this point at least compared to what most Oiler fans think his value is.
The more he struggles this season, the less importance "former No.1 overall" holds and this isn't just a run of the mill sophomore slump, this is a player who is drowning pretty quickly and has had his confidence completely shattered. He obviously has plenty of potential but i can't imagine that any GM would give up something really valuable for a young player who might never reach his potential plus when you add in the Larionov fiasco, i would imagine that would turn off a lot of GMs who might think that Yakupov has baggage now beyond just struggling on the ice.

Who else has value? Klefbom? I don't know, he's yet another young player who is failing in the Oilers system. His success in the SEL seems like a distant memory now although it's way too early to give up on him but i'm just speaking strictly trade value.
Gagner? LOL Petry? Who?
The bottom line is that a potential top 2 pick is probably the most valuable asset that the Oilers will have because it's a potentially elite player for cheap which is gold in a capped NHL so even though I understand why a lot of you want to hold onto the pick and draft another elite prospect, i think it's the only way to vastly improve the team even if it's a quantity for quality type of deal. Nashville and Phoenix could be 2 targets. Teams with a strict budget, that are lacking in high end forward prospects and would probably love to add a young, cheap elite forward prospect and have tons of organizational defensive depth to compensate for them losing a good Dman.
Are some of you content with holding onto the pick and continuing on a perpetual rebuild? Something has to be done to show that they are serious about winning. This is getting absurd already.

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