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Originally Posted by bozwell View Post
It would ironic if Omark helps the sabres win and they pass the oilers in the standings.

However, someone pointed out that with the new drafting rules the oilers will not have the most balls in the lotto if they come last. Because they have had three number one picks in the last 4 years and they plays against us getting Eklbad
Where did this come from? Far as I know there are no rules about that but I might have missed it.

These are the only rules I can find as well but I can stand corrected if someone has other info:

From 1995 to 2012, the team winning the draft lottery could rise no more than four positions in the draft order.

As of 2013, all 14 lottery teams have a chance to win the first overall selection in the draft.

The lottery is weighted to give the worst teams the best chances of winning.

Odds of winning the draft lottery remain the same as they were under the 1995-2012 system.

The likelihood of each team gaining the right to the first pick is:
30th place: 25.0%
29th place: 18.8%
28th place: 14.2%

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